Male Waxing

Male waxing has now become a common trend mainly among those who are needed to stay in tune with the changing trends and who have taken up careers such as modelling. And others who work for ad agencies as models who require showing off their body parts too go in for Male Waxing for a smooth skin sans any hair on it.

Previously there was a notion quite prevalent that waxing is for gay men but this is just a misconception; today most men who are body conscious and fashionable get their hair waxed irrespective of what age group they belong to.

Male WaxingThe evolving of male waxing

It was initially during 1980s that male waxing came into vogue but was limited to a very few; today it has evolved beyond recognition sparked off by the poster boy look with hair less back, chest, shoulders, etc.

Men mostly go for upper body waxing but slowly several of them are shedding their inhibitions and are entering the arena of intimate Male Waxing where hair around the genitals and butt are also waxed. These intimate waxing procedures are known as ‘back, sack and crack’ and are also referred to as Brazilian or Hollywood waxing. And today we see a few of the men opt for full body waxing where all the hairs from the big toes and the mono brow are also stripped bare.

Male waxing career and important points to remember

The first step you would have to ensure is that your client truly wishes his hair to be removed from the chest and stomach.

And if your client wishes to go in for the intimate waxing but is hesitant to let you do it you should talk him out of his shyness and shed his inhibitions about having it done.

Before starting the process of waxing you should check out the length of the hair present on the body parts and if they are more than 7mm you need to first use your clippers and trim them to make it easier for waxing.

You must assess the direction of the hair growth of your client and then only start applying the wax.

Generally hair growth in different parts of the body is as given here, but each one of your client is different and may have variations; so you will have to do individual assessment before starting off.

For body parts above the clavical the hair growth is generally upwards towards the top of the shoulder.

And for parts below the clavical the hair growth is usually downwards.

When it comes to the central region of the chest the growth is usually downwards and more towards the naval.

When we talk of central abdomen the hair grows towards the naval and in the area below the naval it can grow in both the directions.

When you talk of the abdominals the hair grows towards the centre line.

Process of male waxing

First use a skin cleanser on the body parts that are to be waxed and then apply light oil on the skin. But remember not to apply too liberally since this will allow the wax to slip off. One could use talc instead of oil but clients have a better and more comfortable waxing experience with oil.

Now start the waxing by starting to work down the centre line of the chest observing the natural direction of the hair growth of your client. While removing you should do so against the hair direction.

It is always better to work down the centre line initially for developing a straight line to work towards. Now start waxing the sides of the chest and abdomen. Use warm wax and work from the centre line making sure you work in tune with the direction of the hair growth.

And if your client wishes for a complete Up & Over torso waxing you should wax this side area too by making your client lie on their side putting the arm over the head so that the skin gets stretched.

Now that the male waxing process is completed you must apply after wax lotion and other products to soothe the skin and advise your client on after care to avoid acne outbreaks that can occur mostly after the first time.